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Monster high characters

The GhoulfriendsEdit The Ghoulfriends section

Frankie SteinEdit Frankie Stein section

15 days old, Frankie Stein is new to Monster High. She is the daughter of Dr. Frankeinstein's monster and his bride. Her pet is a puppy named Watzit.
Frankie is very friendly and athletic, but has a clumsy streak, as her body parts tend to fly off.

DraculauraEdit Draculaura section

Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula, but she's vegan and does not drink blood. She is 1,599 years old. Her pet is a bat named Count Fabulous.
She is friendly and very sweet. Draculaura is a big fan of pink and black, and loves to take long walks under the sun (with an umbrella, that is).

Clawdeen WolfEdit Clawdeen Wolf section

Clawdeen is the daughter of the Werewolf. She is 15 years old, and is covered with fur, with two piercings in each of her wolf ears. She has a purple pet cat named Crescent.
She is confident, outgoing, friendly and sweet. Her favourite colour is gold.

Lagoona BlueEdit Lagoona Blue section

Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the Sea Monster, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon. She carries her pet piranha Neptuna in a fishbowl (like a purse).
She loves animals, and is sporty and laid-back. She loves to swim, along with her pet.

Cleo de NileEdit Cleo de Nile section

Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy. She has a pet snake named Hissette that is somewhat poisonous.
She is the fearleading squad captain and is considered to be a mean girl, though she does have an occasional soft spot (she is exceptionally kind to Ghoulia).

Ghoulia YelpsEdit Ghoulia Yelps section

Ghoulia is the daughter of a zombie couple. She is the smartest girl at Monster High, although she only speaks "zombie" -- moans and groans. She has a pet owl named Sir Hoots A Lot.
She is shy and bookish, but quite thoughtful.

PetsEdit Pets section

Each Monster High character comes with its own cool pet, which have personalities and opinions all their own.
Check out the Pets page to see their profiles and pictures of each pet.

Monster High StudentsEdit Monster High Students section

Deuce GorgonEdit Deuce Gorgon section

Deuce is the son of the gorgon, Medusa. He likes to skateboard and is interested in cooking. He wears sunglasses to prevent his turning other people to stone temporarily. One of his friends is a human, Jackson Jekyll, whose alter ego is Holt Hyde.
His girlfriend is Cleo de Nile.

Holt HydeEdit Holt Hyde section

Holt Hyde is the son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is a DJ and has a pet chameleon, Crossfade. He is in the book just with the name "DJ Hyde". DJ has a major crush on Frankie Stein and calls her "Firecracker" because she sparks him.
His alter ego is Jackson Jekyll. Holt was first introduced in the second wave of dolls and appeared for the first time in Hyde and Shriek.

Jackson JekyllEdit Jackson Jekyll section

In the book, Jackson Jekyll is the son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is a new kid at school, and believes he is a "normie" (no apparent monster influence), because he is unaware of his dual nature. In the books he has a crush on a girl named Melody Carver; he later finds out who he truly is.
He was first introduced in the Gloom Beach doll set and appeared as a student on the Monster High site in May. His first webisode appearance was in Fear Pressure. His alter ego is Holt Hyde.

GilEdit Gil section

Gil is an Aquaman, similar to the character Abe Sapien from Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics. His full name is Gillington Webber. He wears a helmet containing water on his head when he is on dry land.
First seen in the webisode Blue Lagoona as the object of Lagoona's crush. He is also friends with Slow-Moe and even acts as his wing-man in dealing with Ghoulia. He is shown to be a pretty decent guy.

Heath BurnsEdit Heath Burns section

An arrogant boy whose head catches on fire when he becomes excited or crushes on someone.
He is a showoff with a proclivity for bragging. His hotshot attitude is rather off-putting to the others, and usually ends up looking foolish because of it.

Slow-MoeEdit Slow-Moe section

The object of Ghoulia Yelps's crush.
He is also a zombie, and he wears a letterman jacket. Member of the school Basketball and Chess teams. Shown to be fairly stoic and good natured. First seen in the webisode Cyrano de Ghoulia.

Clawd WolfEdit Clawd Wolf section

One of Clawdeen's older brothers. Pretty down to earth and straight to the point. He is on the track and basketball teams at Monster High. He dated Cleo de Nile before she went out with Deuce.[1]
He was first introduced in the webisode Fur Will Fly. Draculaura develops a huge crush on him in the webisode Beast Friends.

ToraleiEdit Toralei section

Toralei is an orange cat girl who appears in Season Two of the Webisodes.
She and her friends, the cat girl twins, quit the fearleading squad in the webisode Scream Building, leaving Cleo in the lurch. They later continue to sabotage and gossip about the ghoulfriends, though their plans usually backfire.

Catgirl TwinsEdit Catgirl Twins section

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The twins are on the fearleading squad with Cleo and Torelei, but they quit when the entire team walks out in the webisode Scream Building.
In season two of the Webisodes they pal around with Torelei, causing mayhem, but don't speak themselves. In the wave 3 diaries their names are revealed to be Purrsephone and Meowlody.

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